Covid-19 has seen people canceling plans. If you had planned a camping trip, you have to push it forward. However, it could be a blessing in disguise since you can use this period to hone your camping skills. That way, when the time comes, and you can go camping, you’ll have an easy time. Here are some of the skills that most people don’t think they really need.

  1. Starting the Fire

Technological advancements have left some of us without the skill of starting a fire. However, if you are planning to go camping, it is a must-have skill. You don’t want to use an entire matchbox to get the fire ready for a single meal. Besides, you also need to learn how to arrange the firewood. Although you probably watched people starting a fire as a kid, you need to get hands-on.

  1. Cooking

You can’t order take out when camping. If you plan to go camping with your kids, this could be the perfect time to teach them how to prepare some meals. Although you can survive on simple meals while camping, they also require some skills. Therefore, try out some new recipes during this period. You don’t have to wait till your next camping trip to try them out.

  1. Knives

A knife is an essential camping need. You will need it to cut ropes, prepare meals, and much more. However, knives, too, have their secrets. For instance, a blunt knife will cause more damage than a sharp knife in case of an accident. Teach the kids how to handle knives safely as well as how to sharpen them.

  1. Be a Weatherman

You probably get weather updates straight to your smartphone. However, your phone might die in the middle of camping. That means you’ll be locked out of weather updates. Can you look at the sky and predict the weather? Although you don’t have to be accurate, having an idea goes a long way.

  1. First Aid

First aid is more of a life skill than a camping skill. However, you need it the most while camping. During this time, when everyone is home, ensure that everyone in the family is conversant with necessary first aid procedures. Research about what should be in a first aid kit and how each should be used. While camping, getting professional help might take some time.

  1. Map Reading

Nobody emphasizes map reading skills anymore, thanks to GPS services. However, the GPS might fail at times. You might be so deep in the woods that your phone loses signal. The campsite usually gives you a map. But what happens if you can’t read and interpret a map? You might be stuck for hours. Sharpen your map reading skills this period, they might come in handy during your next camping.

A poorly planned trip will always leave you frustrated. Although we go camping to learn some skills practically, we can learn some before embarking on the journey. With these basic skills, you will have less to worry about, hence thoroughly enjoying the trip. At Saco River, we believe that the pandemic will soon be over, and we will resume the camping thrills rejuvenated.