Valentine’s day is in some weeks’ time, and you’re probably wondering what to do to make it memorable. What’s better than taking your lover on a nice camping trip just the two of you? Or better yet tag another couple to make it more wild and fun. 

Nothing is more romantic than a quiet, uninterrupted environment, some fire, a lot of stories, and some wine. Below is a pro tips compilation that’ll ensure you have the most memorable Valentine ’s Day that will leave her smiling.

1. Choose a Nice Location

Your choice destination comes hand in hand with the success of your trip. A camping site that has a beautiful scenic view should be on top of your list. This requires you to do some research before the set date. You would want to avoid a crowded place since you want something intimate. Consider a camping ground that has a water body near it. The sound of water waves has a calming effect that will automatically change the mood to an intimate one.

2. Make It Comfy in Every Aspect

The night on Valentine’s Day should be as cozy as it can get. That romantic mood should illuminate from every dimension. From your sleeping setup, your choice of wine, to the selection of music that you choose to play. Be sure to carry a Bluetooth speaker with some fairy lights that will change the whole setting. Also, don’t forget to bring a double sleeping bag, you are not alone! What you want to create is a memorable night. It’s also an excellent opportunity to have sex in the woods if you haven’t already.

3. Build a Mystic Campfire

Building a campfire is not only a necessity but also a way to impress your woman. Prepare yourself with all the equipment that you need. Learn all the simple tricks that you need to make sure it comes out perfect with just a single shot. Remember, you need to be accurate to avoid too much smoke, which can ruin the whole idea. You can make it magical by adding fire colorants which turn flames into beautiful colors. This will truly make the entire place look so mystical and memorable.

4. Enjoy Romantic Activities Together

Before arriving at your camping ground, you probably have an idea of all the activities that you’ll do together. You want to create memories out of the short time that you have from the norm. It’s a great time to connect without any distractions. Find a camping site that has activities such as canoe and kayak rentals, hiking, and also board games. Board games might come in handy, especially if it’s raining.

5. Get Her a Little Souvenir

It is an excellent idea to give her a little gift that will always remind her of this trip. Personalize it for her by having it engraved with a beautiful love message. 

Taking your lover to an exclusive campground will be not only an unforgettable activity but also an affordable endeavor. Ensure that you’ve all the essentials before embarking on that trip. Happy valentines!