As a first time camper, you probably don’t have the insight of all the things that you can do to ensure that you have a comfortable time in your camping days. Picking a perfect campsite is one of the best camping decisions that you can make. The reason being it is supposed to be your home for the rest of your camping days — therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible.

Picking a bad one will make you hate the experience whereas you can just do some things like checking out the reviews of that particular campsite if they have a website or just ask questions before booking. You can also check out the map of the camping ground on the site only to be sure. Below is a compilation of the things that you should put into consideration when looking for a perfect camping ground.


  • Look for a High Ground


Your tent and living area should always be erected on high ground. This will ensure that you do not block water pathways, and you don’t end up being swept away in case of rain. Look out for cracks or damp places to identify these places.


  •  Check out for Bugs


Camping is an outdoor event, thus you can’t really avoid insects completely. However, it is wise that you give a thorough check to avoid setting up your tent on top of an ant colony.


  • Nearness to the Water Source


 The distance between your tent and the source of water should not be too far. It is a basic need, and you have to stay hydrated, especially since you spend all your days outdoors. However, it shouldn’t be less than 200 feet away because water offers the best breeding sites for mosquitoes. Moreover, water bodies that are incredibly near your tent might cause condensation inside your tent.


  • Shade


If you are camping during the warm season, then a shade will be a necessity for you. A place that has a little bit of shelter from the trees is very helpful during those hot days. Consider erecting your tent in a place where there is an adequate shade to prevent sun rays from scorching your tent in the morning while the sun is rising. It also comes in handy by keeping your food storage cool when the sun is blazing. Furthermore, it offers a great relaxing area during those hot afternoons when you can’t go hiking.


  • The direction of the Prevailing Winds


Gentle winds can be very helpful during camping. On hot days when all you need is a breeze coming off the waters and when you light a campfire and the smoke is too much, the wind comes in handy. However, you should be wary of prevailing winds, for they can be a disaster in waiting. The door of your tent should not face the prevailing winds. Moreover, ensure that the place you set up your campfire won’t enable the prevailing winds to bring smoke back to your tent.

The best campsite should have all the amenities that you need. Ensure that you do a little research before the day you want to go camping. Visit our website to see all that we have to offer for a fantastic camping experience. Happy camping!