RVing full time is all fun, games, and the dream of many. It gives one an opportunity to see what the world has to offer and enjoy new cultures and experiences every day. However, it can be challenging if you are a social butterfly, and like having a close group of friends, you can call “your people.” Why? Well, creating and maintaining fruitful friendships when leading an ordinary life is a challenge by itself. Creating such friendships when you are always on the road is even more challenging. Luckily, it is not impossible. That said, here is how to make friends while RVing full time. 

1. Stay in the Right Places

The secret to creating meaningful friendships while RVing full time is being in the right place at the right time. For instance, campgrounds such as the Saco River Camping area tend to attract fulltime campers because they have common facilities such as laundry rooms, playgrounds, pools, and trails.

They also feature plenty of recreational facilities and a ton of activities that fellow fulltime RVing families, and camping enthusiasts love. It would be easier for you to meet people with similar interests like you here than in any other place. 


2. Join Fulltime RVing Social Media Groups

There are plenty of fulltime RVing social media groups, and membership only sites on the internet. The beauty of such groups is that members tend to regularly arrange fun activities and rallies where you and your family can meet new people. 

They also share helpful RVing tips, the best camping spots, and even update each other when visiting a new location. Joining such groups will help you meet new people with the same interests as you.  


3. Learn How to Spot Fellow Fulltime RVers at Campgrounds

As noted, campgrounds attract all sorts of people. For instance, at Saco River, you will come across introverts who were dragged to camp by their extrovert friends, those who are there for a job teambuilding activity, and fulltime campers like you.  

Meeting and interacting with all types of people will be suitable for your social life. However, as a person who’ve decided to do fulltime RVing, it would be beneficial if you met other people with the same goal as you. They understand your lifestyle better and know how difficult it is to make friends as a fulltime Rver. Therefore, they’ll be more welcoming and open to the idea of having an additional friend in their circle. 


4. Don’t Forget to Keep in Touch 

Communication is the fire that keeps friendships burning. As a long term camper, many are the times that you’ll be on the road. You’ll also be visiting new places every day and meeting new people each dawn. To create friendships that will blossom into fruitful relationships and fun road trips with other fulltime Rvers in future, ensure you keep in touch. 

If you meet new people and you feel that you have a special connection with them, make sure you call, skype, or face time them at least once a week to see how they are doing. This is how you’ll find yourself planning your next trip across the state together. This is how you end up learning that the middle-aged couple in the RV next to you have no kids, and you become the child they never had!

Life on the road is fun. However, it also has its challenges. One such challenge is feeling isolated as you never stay in one place long enough to make friends. However, many fulltime campers have created meaningful, life-long friendships with people they met on the road. You, too, can do it if you are open-minded enough and if you try out the tips outlined above.