During the first few weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, staying indoors was all fun and games. After all, who doesn’t fancy some Netflix and Chill? However, now that a solution for Covid-19 is taking longer than expected, those of us who thrive on some sunshine, camping, and generally a lot of outdoor activities are finding it hard to cope. Even introverts are hoping everything regains normalcy. Nevertheless, while it’s true being indoors is hard especially if most of your weekends before this involved camping on Saco river, it’s for your good. That is why we prepared tips on how to maintain your sanity during this quarantine period.


  • Avoid Too Much News 


Staying in the know of what’s happening is essential but watching too much news when all headlines revolve around the rising Coronavirus cases can cause anxiety. Constantly obsessing on the negative impact of the pandemic can cause you depression. Sure, the situation is bad, but if you’re observing social distancing when you step out, staying indoors, helping others where you can, and observing the measures required, don’t subject yourself to more stress. With that said, limit your news consumption to once or twice a day. Instead of switching from one news channel to another and from one newspaper to another, turn your attention to something else. For instance, connect with others and try out the tips outlined here.  


  • Connect with Others 


Spending some time alone is healthy. It helps with emotional and intellectual stimulation and even helps you improve on areas and even gain skills you never thought you needed. But spending too much time alone especially if you are an extroverted camp or outdoor lover can lead to loneliness and consequently depression. Therefore, another way to maintain your sanity during this lockdown period is to stay in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp, Zoom, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, and Netflix parties are just some of the ways you can stay in touch with them. 


  • Stick to Your Routine Where Possible 


Sticking to a routine gives structure to the long boring days of Covid-19 lockdown. It helps add a little normalcy to this seemingly endless staycation. With that said, try and stick to a routine where possible. For instance, if you like most employers or employees are now working online, wake up early as you normally would and follow your ordinary morning routine before you attend that virtual meeting. If all your weekends are characterized by camping expeditions, then bring the outdoors to your home by turning your backyard into a campsite or having an indoor camping experience. 

While it’s true staying indoors if you’re a camping enthusiast is not fun, it’s for your good. The sooner we all observe self-isolation, the easier it’ll be to curb the spread, and the sooner we’ll all go back to normal lives and activities. But for now, stick to self-isolation and while it’s true it can be overwhelming, trying out the tips above will help make it easier.