Coronavirus was recently declared a global pandemic, and it’s not only having an unprecedented impact on the economy but also individuals on a personal level due to state-issued lockdowns. As of now, more than half of U.S. states have imposed lockdown measures, disrupting the lives of countless people. If you are an outdoor lover and your free time is usually characterized by activities such as hiking and camping, one thing is sure; you’re finding it hard to cope with the status quo. That is why we’ll be showing you how to turn your backyard into the ultimate campsite during the Coronavirus lockdown


  • Prepare Your Food and Camping Gear


You want this to feel like the real camping experience at Saco River, right? If yes, then you have to prepare for it just like you would for the real camping trip. Pack all your camping gear as if you’ll be miles away from civilization and from your home. Include all your camping essentials such as kitchen camping gear and utensils, insect repellent, sunscreen, toiletries, flashlight, non-perishable food and snacks, pillows, and a sleeping bag and on top of it all, your tent. This way, it’ll feel as if you are going for a camping trip far away from home, and you’ll not have to keep on running back to the house and ruining the experience. 


  • Pitch a Backyard Tent


The next step to enjoying a camping experience during the coronavirus lockdown is to pitch a tent. If you are lucky enough to have a big backyard, set up your tent in the far end. If you’ve got kids and have never taken them with you on your camping expedition, this would be the best opportunity to introduce them to the world of camping. Have them help you set up the tent so they can learn how it’s done.   


  • Prepare Some Dinner


After setting up the campsite and everything is ready, prepare some dinner for everyone.  If you had packed some sandwiches, bring them out. If you had packed ingredients light a fire, and again if your kids are in this, have them help you. Once the meal is ready, set up the camp chairs you had packed in a circle, pass out the plates, serve, and enjoy catching up while you feast on whatever you cooked. If it’s an adult-only thing, pass out some cold beers to liven up the mood further. 

The beauty of backyard camping is that you can easily elevate your camp cuisine as it’s easy to carry more ingredients. For instance, you can even have a barbeque as part of this experience. 


  • Play Some Fun Games Together


With everyone’s tummy full of your delicious creations, have some fun with your loved ones. If you camp regularly, then you know there are plenty of fun games that you can play. Charades is an excellent example of a game that both adults and kids can play. A scavenger hunt is yet another fun activity for the whole family. Other fun games include twister board, a bean or a ring toss, and twenty-one questions, among many others. 


  • Set Up a Bonfire in the Evening


Camping is never complete without a bonfire. In the evening, set yourself up for dessert under the stars by lighting a bonfire. If you have a backyard firepit, then even better for you. You can sit around the fire making s’mores or roasting marshmallows while discussing your future camping plans. 

While its true state-issued COVID-19 lockdowns have disrupted our lives significantly, this isn’t the end of the world! You, therefore, don’t have to stay indoors feeling sad as you can enjoy a camping experience in your backyard by following the tips above.