Camping has always been an excellent way to unplug from the pressure of our busy schedules. We get connected to mother- nature and explore our minds. Besides, camping is always an opportunity for us to bond with our families without distractions. However, although all family members are probably home, you can’t go camping due to the novel Corona Virus Disease.

However, you can still unwind and relax your mind from the comfort of your home. One of the easiest ways to calm your mind or reduce anxiety is meditation. Although you might not think you need it, it is suitable for your body, mind, and soul. Read through to understand the importance of meditating as well as get tips on how to do it effectively.

Benefits of Meditation

There are various approaches to meditation, which are equally beneficial. Concentration meditation is one of them. This approach revolves around focusing on one point, for instance, repeating a word or staring at something. Another popular method is mindfulness meditation. Unlike concentration meditation, it allows one to drift from one thought to the other. All these approaches aim at calming you down, and here are some of the benefits accrued to the practice.

  1. Stress relief
  2. Deeper relaxation
  3. Relatively low blood pressure
  4. Self- realization
  5. Better blood circulation

Becoming the Meditation Guru

We all yearn for a moment of relaxation from time to time. However, meditation is not as easy as it sounds. That notwithstanding, you can slowly master the art of meditation. It’s not rocket science. Anyone can become a guru. Here are a few tips that are quite beginner-friendly.

  1. Kick Your Day Off With Meditation

Just like any other work-out routine, you’ll reap better if you are consistent. The best way to ensure that you don’t cheat on your meditation routine is by doing it first thing you wake up. There are days you’ll be tempted to skip, but meditation is worth all the while. You can stick a note somewhere in your bedroom that reminds you to meditate each morning. Just place the note somewhere you wouldn’t miss it.

  1. Do It Anywhere

As a beginner, you can always be stuck on the thought of you not doing it correctly. But don’t focus on that, instead, focus on getting the work done. If you feel comfortable on your bed, so be it. If the floor works best for you, no problem. Relax if you don’t have a mat, even the couch can do. The most important thing is meditating, regardless of where you do it.

  1. Be Friendly

While meditating, your mind will wander. Some thoughts may arise, and you might not like them so much. However, try to stay calm and friendly to your feelings. Resenting will do you no good. The secret is having a positive attitude to the process. It takes time to come to terms with some thoughts, be patient.

Don’t be carried away by panic during this trying moment. Although you can’t go outside to calm down, bring the calm to you. In the meantime, stay safe, we shall overcome and embark to the thrilling camping periods at Saco River Campground.