Spring is almost here again. Before it’s finally here, consider getting your camping gear ready as there’s no better time to be out in nature than during this season. Why? Well, first, as the transitional period to summer, spring has more moderate temperatures, which makes camping more comfortable. 

Moreover, the birds come back, the flowers bloom, and you come across cute baby animals everywhere on your campgrounds. But while it’s the loveliest of all seasons, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. That is why we’ve prepared some spring camping tips to ensure your camping getaway is in every bit satisfying. 

  • Check the Weather Forecast First 

Spring marks the end of the freezing winter weather and the beginning of the scorching summer sun. But as a transitional period, temperatures might be moderate, but notoriously unpredictable. This means one moment, you and your camping buddies might be enjoying watching the cute baby squirrels you just came across, and the next one, you’re shielding yourself from heavy rain that you never saw coming. 

In that light, just before you leave for the camping trip, make sure you review the weather forecast to see what conditions you’ll be putting yourself into. If it looks like you can manage, then go for it. If it doesn’t look right, then it’d be wiser to postpone first and go when the weather conditions look good. 


  • Dress in Layers and Carry Extra Beddings 


As mentioned, spring weather is super fickle. You should dress in layers so you may remove that extra sweater or jacket when it’s cold and still have it at arm’s reach when it starts to get cold. Ensure you have at least one waterproof jacket or a raincoat. Also, don’t forget to bring extra beddings as the weather can get pretty chilly at night in spring.


  • Pack Lots of Insect Repellent


Spring is when every form of life comes back to life again. After a long nap during winter, the bugs are usually back in full force in spring.  Add in the fact that there’s plenty of standing water due to the melting snow, and you’ll be doomed if you forget your insect repellant. 


  • Brace Yourself for Trail Changes


Winter tends to alter the environment dramatically. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to come across fallen trees or missing trail markers on a trail you were previously very familiar with. In that breath, while camping and you take on a hike, expect it to be more challenging.


  • Bring Extra Entertainment if Your Kids Will Tag Along


If you are only camping with your partner, the chilly spring weather and the rainy episodes provide an opportunity for you to curl up together, enjoy a hot cup of coffee while making stories. But if you’ll be bringing your kids along, then the whole scenario changes.

They’ll quickly get bored, and as you know, bored kids are stressful kids. Make sure you bring adequate entertainment if you’re going to camp with your kids this spring.

Camping in spring on a well-maintained campground like Saco River is fun. However, there’s the inevitable such as the fluctuating weather conditions and the insects. Being prepared with the above tips is the key to ensuring your spring camping trip is smooth sailing.